Cala the Viral ‘I Go Meow’ Singing Kitty Passed Away and Her Musical Partner Pays Tribute

There’s been a tragic loss in the kitty influencer world with the passing of Cala the singing rescue cat. Cala was adopted by a kind human named Elizabeth, who assumed she was quite young due to her cute kitten-like appearance. Despite her vet’s best try, Cala passed away from old age in her mom’s arms at an estimated 12 years old.

Viral I Go Meow cat Cala Passed away and Her Musical Partner Kiffness Pays Tribute
Credit: @kala_and_elizabeth – @thekiffness/Instagram

Cala was an extremely talkative kitty who also gave singing a shot. Then her video of her melancholy song went viral on Instagram in March, then also on TikTok in April.

Then David Scott of @thekiffness, known for his viral music collabs with various pet influencers, got in touch with Cala. Then their hit single, “I Go Meow,” dropped on April 12th and was an immediate smash hit with 27 million views just on Instagram.

Then their repost of the song two weeks later stacked up an incredible 39 million views!

But Cala was a candle that burned twice as bright… On May 31, @thekiffness and @cala_and_elizabeth broke the sad news. The Kiffness asked their millions of cans to thank Cala’s mom Elizabeth for taking the old kitty home to enjoy the last part of her time on Earth – Who’s musical talent and sass brought joy to millions around the world. While the song originally conveyed a sense of existential sadness of not knowing who she truly is… Then The Kiffness made a new version for his touching tribute – Where Cala has to go, after finally discovering herself. (NO I’M NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING!!!)

Condolences from fans filled the post’s comments, along with a few cat influencers such as, “I’m so sorry, sending so much love.” You can see more of Cala on Instagram and TikTok. Cala also collaborated with a few other artists, such as below.

And you can follow @thekiffness on Instagram and TikTok for more musical pet collaborations. You can also buy or stream “I Go Meow.”

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