Meet Rover, the Chief Dog Officer for Royal Caribbean’s New Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean has hired their first CDO, who is setting sail later this month from Miami on their new “Icon of the Seas” cruise ship. And why is Celebrity Pets reporting on a corporation’s latest C-suite hire? It’s because CDO stands for Chief Dog Officer. His named is Rover, a Golden Retriever, who impressively got hired as for this chief executive role at only 6 months old!

Meet Rover the Chief Dog Officer for Royal Caribbean’s New Cruise Ship
Credit: @chiefdogrover/Instagram

Rover’s responsibilities are primarily guest-focused. Most of his hours you’ll find him doing his rounds on the ship, meeting and greeting guests. For any guest or staff member that missing their fur baby, spending time with Rover can tide them over until they’re back home.

Rover lives on the cruise ship and cared for full-time by Alison Hubble, which sounds like a pretty awesome job. Hubble noted that whenever her and Rover have somewhere to be on the ship, she has to leave early to ensure enough time for any guests wanting to shake a paw. Rover also has a crate in on The Bridge, where he can assist the Captain.

Despite what any CEO might tell you, this corporate executive canine has a pretty cushy schedule, with several hours of naps scheduled each day. Rover also gets plenty of vacation time, including beach days.

To follow this salty dog as he cruises the Caribbean and climbs the corporate ladder, visit him on Instagram at @chiefdogrover. And for another canine with a career in hospitality, meet Kitty Jacob Astor II: doggy concierge at the St. Regis Hotel in Aspen.

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