Check out these badass “sea wolves” that hunt underwater

We all love wolves for being the wild relatives of the doggos we’re proud to be best friends with. While wolves are already awesome, there is a rare group of extra badass “sea wolves” found on Canada’s Vancouver Island.

Vancouver Island Sea Wolves

Genetically distinct from the usually land-based wolves, these wolves swim from island to island and hunt sea animals for around 90% of their diet.

They’re big on sushi, with salmon making up a big percentage of their meals. They will also forage for clams, barnacles, eggs and sea mammal carcases.

They are also smaller than and have a bit of a different look than regular wolves with sometimes a more reddish brown coat. They have also been estimated to swim over 7.5 miles straight.

Photos are courtesy of National Geographic and check out the video by British nature filmmaker Bertie Gregory on these sea wolves.

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