Lil Bub the ‘mysterious alien woman’ Raises over $300,000 for ASPCA

Lil Bub the ‘mysterious alien woman’, perma-kitten, under-cat and general inspiration to human and feline-kind alike has raised over $300,000 for Lil BUBS Big FUND proceeds of which go to the ASPCA. The featherweight kitty (weighing in at a whopping 3.9lbs) was born Polydactyl (with extra toes), with dwarfism and the bone disease Osteopetrosis (the opposite of Osteoporosis). The cat is toothless and has an underdeveloped jaw causing her tongue to perpetually stick out. Lil Bub has a lot of health issues and is quite literally the cutest cat in the world. So, of course, the internet loves her.

Disadvantaged, born to a feral mother in a toolshed and abandoned as the runt of the litter, Lil Bub didn’t have a lot of hope. She was underweight, unloved and despaired. Enter Mike Bridavsky, savior, liberator and owner of opposable thumbs who used his digits to post the life-changing picture of Lil Bub to the insatiable, cat-loving internet.

Making the front page of Reddit changed Lil Bub and owner Mike’s life forever. They began a YouTube channel which led them to the Internet Cat Video Film Festival in Minneapolis (yes, that is a real thing). Lil Bub and Bridavsky met with Andy Capper and Juliette Eisner from Vice at the festival and the documentary Lil Bubz & Friendz was born. Lil Bubz & Friendz went on to win the Tribeca Online Festival Best Feature Film and inspired Lil Bubz Big SHOW where Lil Bub plays talk show host and interviews different celebrities.

Her instant fame snowballed into an invitation to Good Morning America, a book deal, a friendship with Robert De Niro, a special guest appearance on The View and her own primetime Animal Planet special, Lil BUB’s Special Special. She has made cameos in music videos and produced a solo single for the Breeders’ Kelley Deal. She is now also working with Jack Black to save the earth on a project called Earth to Marrakech.

She’s even an advocate to end the war between cats and dogs. Here she is with BFF Tuna the Chiweenie.

When Bub’s osteopetrosis limited her mobility to the point where she couldn’t walk, her pops started to experiment with alternative medicine. A cat with this particular bone disease was unheard of up until Bub, no one knew how to treat her. Mike decided to try his hand at Reiki and surprisingly, Lil Bub’s pain was alleviated. He also chanced across an Assisi Loop which helped Bub gain mobility and feeling in her limbs using electromagnetic pulses. The change in Lil Bub was astounding, she went from crippled and pained to walking and playing again.

Mike Bridavsky claims Lil Bub saved him from a dark, downward spiral. He was months behind in rent on his recording studio, had his car tires slashed and was heartbroken. The little kitty brought him so much joy and eventually, YouTube royalties at an estimated $30,000 annually.

The demand for Lil Bub related items skyrocketed and Bridavsky began printing T-Shirts, calendars, tote bags, knee socks, a limited line of knitted sweaters, etc… if it’s in the realm of merchandise, you can guarantee getting it with Bub’s trademark bulbous green eyes staring back at you.

Lil Bub helped his pops pay his studio’s rent and buy a fancy camera and new laptop for PR related purposes. Besides paying for his medical bills, Bubs now donates most of his profits to animal rescue groups.

Lil Bub is, by far, our favourite philanthropist kitty. In December 2019, Lil Bub left this planet to continue her adventures through space. You can check out our tribute to her here.

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