This cat and lynx couple prove love can be found anywhere

Even with all those dating apps, you still can’t find a special someone? As proof there is hope for all of us and you can truly find love anywhere, meet Dusja and Linda. Most people would expect these two feline residents of Russia to not get along, let alone have a loving long-term relationship together. Besides both being cats, they didn’t have much in common. Dusja was a stray calico from the streets, Linda was a lynx living in the St. Petersburg Leningradsky Zoo.

One day, Dusja wandered into the zoo looking for a bite to eat and found some in Linda’s enclosure. You’d think Linda, being much larger and also a cat, would be pissed that Dusja just turned up and helped herself to dinner. Instead, the pair hit it off right away! They’ve been close ever since, not shy about and PDAs in front of the zoo staff or visitors. With the zoo seeing how well they got along, they agreed it was cool if Dusja moved in with Linda.

Credit: @spbzoopark IG

When was the last time you walked into a restaurant, started eating off a stranger’s plate and immediately started dating? Yep these two kitties are living the rom-com most humans or cats can only imagine. For some more interesting kitties, check out Top 10 Exotic House Cats of Instagram.

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