F1 Champ Lewis Hamilton Credits a Vegan Diet for His Senior Bulldog’s Long and Healthy Life

A champion in both Formula 1 and for promoting a vegan lifestyle, Lewis Hamilton credits the switch to a vegan diet for vastly improving his dog’s health. Hamilton, a vegan himself, transitioned his English Bulldog Roscoe to a vegan diet in 2020 when the pup was 8 years old.

F1 Champ Lewis Hamilton Thanks a Vegan Diet for His Senior Bulldog’s Long and Healthy Life
Credit: Lewis Hamilton/Instagram

In an October 2020 Instagram post, Hamilton shared the news. He mentioned that being on a vegan diet for only three months improved his pup’s breathing, joints, and allergies. Anyone familiar with purebred French and English Bulldogs know that these conditions are common, so it’s great to hear how much it helped.

A vegan diet for a dog sounds bizarre to most people and is generally not recommended, but the American Kennel Association says it’s possible but owners have to consider supplements and the risks involved.

@vanityfair Meet vegan influencer Roscoe, #LewisHamilton ♬ original sound – Vanity Fair

He is vegan. He eats quinoa and vegetables everyday day and it’s literally changed his life. He’s like a puppy again at nine years old.

Lewis Hamilton, Vanity Fair, August 2022

English Bulldogs have a life expectancy of 8-10 years, so with Roscoe happily living at almost 12 years old, it seems to be working out well for him!

On top of his special diet, Roscoe also works out to ensure he stays healthy and strong.

Seeing him rip around the track, can you believe he’s a senior pup?

With his busy F1 schedule and entertaining over a million Instagram followers, Roscoe is also mindful of his mental health and takes time to relax and recharge.

And he never forgets the health benefits of friends and staying socially active too!

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