These rescue piggies are ready for the holidays

Sisu Refuge is a pig sanctuary found in Duplin County, North Carolina. the word “Sisu” is Finnish, which describes continuing to have strength and perseverance when facing incredible challenges and hardships, such as surviving the harsh winters of Finland. And with Christmas an important tradition in Finland, it also is at Sisu Refuge!

These hogs love to get muddy as much as they love getting in the Christmas spirit.

But they also enjoy getting cleaned up.

Before getting cozy by the fire.

Or a little Netflix and chill.

Here’s a lovely story from last Christmas:

It’s not just for the holidays, these swine are stylish year-round.

And they got their Christmas decorations up just in time!

The cute piggies and their kind humans definitely have a lot of sisu, but they’d really appreciate any help to get through the winter. If you’re able to donate, visit You can also follow @sisurefuge on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

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