Gracie the dog and her human Taylor Lumpkin randomly lead a SWAT team armed raid

On the weekend, Taylor Lumpkin got up at 5:30 am to let her pitbull Gracie out for a bathroom break. There was a man trying to get into her building but his fob didn’t work. He then showed his badge to Lumpkin and asked if she could let him in a different entrance while he went to grab something.

Taylor Lumpkin and Gracie the pitbull / SWAT team intern
Taylor Lumpkin and Gracie the SWAT team intern (Credit: @TaylorLumpkinTV / Twitter)

What he grabbed was a whole SWAT team with about 10 or more armed officers, who were conducting a raid in her building. When they got in, the man she first let in said “Alright let’s go!”, but then they looked to Lumpkin and Gracie to lead them up the stairs. Lumpkin was confused but Gracie was having a blast, thinking she just made a gang of new friends.