Dottie the Dwarf – Tiny Griffon, Giant Heart

Can you believe Dottie is four years old and not four months? And she only weighs just over four pounds? While she is a concentrated ball of cuteness, her size is due to extreme dwarfism, which came with a range of other medical conditions. With this lil’ girl facing a mountain of challenges, her breeder considered putting her down, but luckily they discovered the New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue Center.

The owners of the rescue center took Dottie in and continue to help battle her health challenges. And in spite of her health, Dottie leads a happy life with her human and doggy family, as well as the other tiny rescues at the center. She even helps out around the center!

Here’s Dottie and her BFF Pepper on the way to work.

Dottie Dwarf Griffon and Pepper
Credit: @dottie.thedwarf / Instagram

And here’s Dottie and Pepper on the weekend.

After they adopted Dottie in 2019, they found out Dottie’s mom, Emily, was retiring from breeding, so they took her in as well!

Dottie Dwarf Griffon and mom Emily
Credit: @dottie.thedwarf / Instagram

Here’s the whole lil’ crew!

Dottie Dwarf Griffon a the New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue Center
Credit: @dottie.thedwarf / Instagram

Dottie is brave and will venture into the big world out there.

She even got dressed up for pride month 🌈

Credit: @dottie.thedwarf / Instagram

Dottie look out there’s a ferocious lion behind you!!!

Credit: @dottie.thedwarf / Instagram


Credit: @dottie.thedwarf / Instagram

Make sure to follow @dottie.thedwarf on Instagram and TikTok. If you’re able to support Dottie and the New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue Center, you can donate here. And for another way to support Dottie, you can get her to make a personalized video on Cameo!

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