Maple the acoustic guitar-loving dog teaches you how to chill

If you’re looking for some relaxation inspiration, you have to check out the musical duo of Maple and her human nicknamed Trench @acoustictrench. Maple is a border collie/golden retriever/sheltie mix that Trench adopted from a rescue when she was a puppy.


Known as @acoustictrench on Instagram, he’s known for covering popular tunes of playing his own tracks. Ever since Maple was a puppy she always loved his music. Instantly soothed by his guitar, she’s normally napping or drowsily chilling by his side or in his lap. Lucky for us, they like to share their collaborations on Instagram, letting us all bask in Maple’s tranquility. And many have been enjoying them, with Trench having 361,000 followers and Maple having 98,000. While Maple lacks the fingers for guitar, she’ll sometimes join in with a little drums, tambourines, xylophone or more cowbell.

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