Tucson Prime: From Stray Dog to Car Salesman

Tucson Prime’s journey – from a stray dog on the streets of Brazil to a car salesdog with over 200k Instagram followers – starts way back in 2018. At that time, the pooch had it pretty tough, no home, no name, and no job. Despite his circumstances, this dog always wanted to be in sales, specifically car sales.

Tucson Prime outside the Hyundai dealership

We know this because he visited the Prime Hyundai dealership everyday, hoping someone would take his resume. And by resume, we don’t mean a piece of meaningless paper, we’re talking about his cute puppy eyes and magnetic charm.

Tucson in a Hyundai

The dealership staff had noticed the friendly stray around, but figured he’d move on, as they weren’t hiring for any canine roles. Then one very rainy evening, this doggo’s luck changed. The showroom manager Emerson Mariano decided to shelter him from the storm and give him food and water. After getting to know each other a bit, Mariano decided to adopt the stray and offer him the position of dealership mascot.

Tucson the stray dog turned Hyundai car salesman

I became attached to him and, when I saw that the entire team accepted him very well, I decided to suggest to the board that we adopt the furry little guy and let him be our mascot.

Emerson Mariano, Tribuna Online (Trranslated by Google)
AI image of Tucson the dog car salesman
How Tucson describes his job to his buddies at the dog park.

The staff then named him Tucson Prime, after one of Hyundai’s car models and their dealership. Tucson then put his nose down and worked hard for over a year. Then, in early 2020, Prime Hyundai decided to include Tucson in an Instagram post.

Tucson the dog answering calls
Yes just because you have a huge Instagram following doesn’t mean to don’t have to actually work.

That’s when Tucson went viral. And they knew he needed his own Instagram to start his pet influencer career. Now three years deep in the influencer game, Tucson has over 200k followers. And we’d like to see any ol’ human car salesperson get numbers like that!

Tucson is still hard at work, sniffing around the dealership floor for potential customers and posting on his IG. And he also uses his celebrity pet status for philanthropy, such as raising funds and donating food to animal welfare organizations.

You can follow @tucson_prime on Instagram. For another hard-working doggo, meet Noodles: from service to to Disney darling.

Tucson Prime dog Hyundai car dealership meme
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