Kaley Cuoco Adds Another Rescue Dog to Her Pack With Dolly the Cane Corso Mix

Continuing her streak as one of the most prolific celebrity pet adopters, Kaley Cuoco has made her newest rescue dog Instagram official. Named Dahlia (aka Dolly) the lucky pup is believed to be a Cane Corso mix. And Cuoco plans to get her tested to find out her exact breed.

The Flight Attendant and Big Bang Theory star says she “hit the jackpot,” and shared adoption details in the video below. She beams, “We have 3 babies!” referring to her Dolly, her rescued chihuahua Miss Opal, and her human baby Matilda. With her partner Tom Pelphrey, they also have a senior rescue chihuahua named Red.

Cuoco saw the “most zen cane corso mix” on I Stand With My Pack’s Instagram and just had to have her. Dolly came from an abusive situation, but is happily settled into her new love-filled life!

Kaley Cuoco Instagram story baby with Dolly Cane Corso 2
Credit: @kaleycuoco/Instagram

Cuoco also posted several Instagram stories, showing her two newest babies getting along great!

Kaley Cuoco Instagram story baby with Dolly Cane Corso
Credit: @kaleycuoco/Instagram

This follows Tom Pelphrey’s rescue dog Blue passing away in March, as well as King passing away, who was the couple’s first joint adoption. Despite grieving these loses, they still had the heart to welcome another rescue into their lives. And on a lighter note, did you know Cuoco has a rescued “Zonkey” named Zazie?

Kaley Cuoco Has a Zonkey Her Rescue Farm Animal Ranch
Credit: Jennifer Hudson Show/YouTube
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