Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey Post Emotional Tributes to Blue, the Third Rescue Dog They’ve Lost in a Year

With multiple dogs and a whole farm of rescues, it’s easy to say Kaley Cuoco is as famous for adopting animals as she is for acting. And it’s been a big part of her relationship with actor Tom Pelphrey. Since they started dating in early 2022, they adopted three dogs named King, Miss Opal, and, most recently, a chihuahua named Red. They also adopted two goats named Pam and Tommy. But with having such big hopeful hearts as this couple, sadness is just part of the package. Dump Truck, a senior dog they adopted in 2020, passed away in May 2023. Then, King, another senior dog they adopted, Passed away in February of this year, after they picked him up in October 2022. On top of that, Bella, Cuoco’s “horse of a lifetime,” passed away in September 2023.

Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey Post Emotional Tributes to Blue, the Third Rescue Dog They’ve Lost in a Year
Credit: Kale Cuoco/Instagram

Now, the couple has sadly said goodbye to their third fur baby in a year: Blue the German Shepherd. Blue was Tom’s rescue, who he adopted on Christmas Eve 2018. Tom shared that Blue had been at the shelter for a year after being returned three times. Despite being considered “too aggressive” to have a home, Tom’s love and dedication turned him into a warm and friendly family member. And Blue got along perfectly with Cuoco’s rescued fur family and then their human baby, Matilda.

And the fearsome, snarling Blue became the most gentle ‘Shepard’. He came into a family full of small dogs 1/10 of his size, and he was patient and loving with all of them. He played ball with our baby girl Matilda… he played more gently and softly with her than the most cautious parent.

@tommypelphrey, Instagram, March 2024

Kaley also wrote a lengthy love-filled post on Instagram. She shared how the first year with Blue was turbulent, despite her getting along with all kinds of dogs. But Blue eventually lowered his guard and opened his heart to Kaley and his new family.

After some time Blue finally realized we were a family and we were all sticking together. Something changed . He was amazing . Protective of me and the rest of our pup crew, always on guard. I felt so safe home alone with him

@kaleycuoco, Instagram, March 2024

Tom was of course very moved by her words and left the comment, “Love you so much- this is so beautiful. “To be their voice and to teach our children how to love them.” An honor and a responsibility indeed.” Actress Alyssa Milano commented, “The soulful ache of losing a dog.” Amanda Seyfried commented, “These guys are the ones who should stay forever. I’m so fucking sorry.” Justin Theroux said, “Oh no… i am so sorry. What a tough year,” Claire Holt said, “I’m so sorry,” Taylor Lautner said, “Sending you both all the love in the world,” and Olivia Munn said, “I’m so so sorry. Sweet Blue.”

For some happier news, Kaley Cuoco recently took an adoptable pitbull for a date at her rescue animal ranch.

Kaley Cuoco Takes an Adoptable Pitbull for a Date Around Her Rescue Animal Ranch
Credit: The Dodo/Instagram
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