GliderWiz: The TikTok Superstar Sugar Glider With a Good Appetite

If you’re ever feeling down, just watch one of GliderWiz’s videos. This little sugar glider is always up for a good time and loves nothing more than eating cheese bugs. His buggy little eyes and big appetite is surely to put a smile on your face. At least that’s what 1.2 million TikTok followers are there for. So if you feel like a pick-me-up, be sure to check out GliderWiz’s latest video!

The sugar glider is a small, adorable creature that is closely related to the flying squirrel. These little guys LOVE little bugs and cheese bugs are GliderWiz’s favorite. They’re called sugar gliders for a reason though, they also love to snack on sweet foods like sap and nectar.

What is a CHEESE BUG!?

Cheese skipper flies lay their eggs in cracks that form in salty pecorino cheese and the crawl out as they hatch. Whether you would try cheese bugs or not, we know GliderWiz would never miss the chance to dig into one. Cheese bugs are a delicacy in some countries and people fry them up to eat.

We know convincing you to try a cheese bug might be a bit of a stretch but we can watch GliderWiz chew on them all day. So whether you’re looking for a new appetizer or just some entertainment, be sure to check out GliderWiz’s latest video on TikTok @gliderwiz!

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