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Man Uses Live Alligator as Purse When Beer Shopping

You guessed it – Florida strikes again and it’s almost as weird as this possum’s B&E.

A man grabbed a live gator and went for a beer run. In the video, you see him toting the gator under his arm like a crocodile-skin clutch, only still alive.

He strolls in casually asking “Y’all got beer still?” Then, accuses another customer of taking the “last bit of beer” before charging him with the gator.

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Posted by Only in Duval on Friday, July 27, 2018

Following the video, Robby Stratton was interviewed two days in a row outside of the same liquor store, buying more beer each time.

Another video surfaced showing the alligator with it’s mouth taped shut inside of a circle of men. One man stepped on the gators neck repeatedly, then held it up by it’s neck shouting “Florida state, baby!”

Stratton alleges that intially he was so drunk he thought the alligator was dead and once he realized it wasn’t, he released it into a creek. Currently being investigated by the FWV, Stratton can face fines up to $5,000 and 5 years jail time. The gators well-being is unknown. The man who choked the gator remains unknown as well.

Stratton defends himself on Facebook: