Reptiles and scaly friends have been making their own splash on social media in recent years, with many of the most photogenic racking up millions of followers. So if you’re looking for a funny and low-maintenance pet, or just want to see some amazing creatures up close, make sure to check out these popular pets.


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Wally the Emotional Support Gator Was Kidnapped and Is Now Missing!

Tragic news is unfolding as Wally the Gator was stolen as part of a terrible "prank" on Saturday and is now missing!

Check Out These AI-Generated Exotic Emotional Support Animals

AI-generated art is a fun way to quickly turn your imagination into an image. Reddit user u/GOODBYEBRIELLE used AI to show us a multiverse where the elderly can pick their emotional support animal, regardless of their size or risk of owning the animal. An obvious top choice for an exotic emotional support animal is a bear – As long as it’s more of a teddy than a grizzly.

Wally the Emotional Support Gator Went Viral for Getting Kicked Out of a Phillies Baseball Game

Wally, a licensed emotional support animal and huge Phillies fan (who happens to be an alligator) was sadly denied entry to watch his favorite team.

2023 MTV VMA Winners: Meet Their Celebrity Pets!

We take a tour of the proud pets of the 2023 MTV VMA winners - Including Taylor Swift, Shakira, Nicki Minaj, Lana Del Rey, Blackpink, and more!

Throwback to that California Alligator Farm Where Kids Could Play With Gators

Did you know for over 50 years, an alligator farm in Los Angeles where you and your kids could play and picnic with them?

Fine Dining Dragons: Meet Chef Lenny the Lizard and Sons

The Gordon Ramsay of Reptiles. The Emeril Lagasse of Lizards. The Alton Brown of Bearded Dragons.

Celebrities Who Own Pet Bearded Dragons

Kim Kardashian, Chris Pratt, Drew Barrymore, Chrissy Teigen, and Chris Hemsworth are among the celebs who agree a pet doesn't need fur to be cuddly!

Meet Rambo, the Leather Jacket Wearing, ATV Riding Alligator

Rambo is a rescued alligator that went viral for his bad boy persona which includes rocking a custom leather jacket and riding ATVs and motorcycles.

Nicolas Cage Gives the First Public Look at His Exotic Pets on “60 Minutes”

The usually very private Nicolas Cage allowed "60 Minutes" into his home, where he gave viewers the first public look at his exotic pets!

John Legend Serenades Drew Barrymore’s Pet Bearded Dragon With His Hit Song “All of Me”

Drew Barrymore brings out her Bearded Dragon for a special private performance from John Legend, who also happens to have a pet Bearded Dragon.