Wally the Emotional Support Gator Was Kidnapped and Is Now Missing!

Tragic news is unfolding as Wally the Gator (a beloved emotional support pet and popular influencer) was stolen from a backyard in Brunswick, Georgia, as part of a terrible “prank” on April 21 and is now missing! The hope is by sharing this story it helps the chances of Wally being found safe and sound. Read on for the story, but to summarize for anyone who is in the Brunswick, Georgia area, Wally was released with around 20 other trapped-and-released gators, either in a swamp or private property with a swamp area. We will update this article when new info becomes available. If you have any info, please DM Wally on Instagram or comment on his Facebook page.

Wally the emotional support alligator was kidnapped and is now missing
Credit: @wallythegator/Facebook

Early Saturday morning, Wally’s human, Joie, posted this alarming message on Facebook, “Help is needed!!!! Wally has been stolen. no this is not a joke. He was taken from his pen on Sunday the 21st sometime between 4:30 am to 7:00 am while in Brunswick Georgia. Walking searches have been being conducted to no avail. If anyone sees or hear anything please contact Joie directly. Any help is appreciated. Thank you”

By early this morning, Wally’s owner found out Wally was stolen by some horrible human who likes to grab alligators and leave them in people’s yard just to terrify them. Which led to Wally being trapped and released with other alligators. With Wally not fit to return to nature, it’s extremely dangerous for him to be with other alligators.

Then this afternoon, Wally Gator’s Facebook page shared a more hopeful message, despite having no confirmation on where Wally might be. Paul Bedard from the Animal Planet series Gator Boys, has offered his assistance. One commenter noted that if Wally was released on private property, it may be fenced off, making it easier to find the beloved gator.

For our original story on Wally the emotional support gator, click here. And lets all pray for his safe recovery!

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