Meet Toast: From Puppy Mills to Modelling Contracts, Celeb Cameos, and Book Deals

Toast Meets World: the King Charles Spaniel with more fame, more friends and a better fashion sense than you. The suave, Farrah Fawcett look alike was rescued from a puppy mill by father and American pop-culture commentator/model Josh “The Fat Jew” Ostrovsky and his then-wife publicist Katie Sturino. Her tongue perpetually sticks out of the side of her mouth (a super cute side effect from having all of her teeth removed) giving her an idgaf vibe, much like her father.

Toast came into her own when she was discovered by Alexander Wang at the 2010 Milan Fashion Week. She has also garnered attention from the likes of Eva Chen, a fashion editor at Lucky magazine who spotted Toast after The Man Repeller (Leandre Medine) posted a “who wore it better” shot.

Toast has since been in the spotlight for the launch of her merchandise line including chic sweaters and tote bags designed by Iomoi, her modelling career (most notably sunglasses for Karen Walker), and a book deal for Toast Hampton: How to Summer In Style.

She also had a rather swanky A-list wedding to Finn the Chihuahua/Dachshund mix – son of model and heiress, Amanda Hearst. Sturino dressed Toast in $175,000 worth of diamonds and a custom-made Marchesa gown all in the name of puppy love.

Sturino declines to comment on the actual number of Toast’s earning, only saying that “they are not enough to live on”. By doing sponsored posts for Petco, Febreze, Clorox and Swiffer (to name a few) Toast’s income is nothing to turn a snout up at. Some of her proceeds even go towards animal welfare charities and she’s done philanthropic modelling for the Shelter Pet Project.

The ginger-maned beauty has appeared on Good Morning America and been featured in NY Times Fashion, Harper’s Bazaar, People, and Lucky Magazine. She brushes shoulders with the elite (including Karlie Kloss and Aziz Ansari) and holds her toothless head high constantly proving herself to be a star in the dog-eat-dog world of fashion.

Although Toast and her two siblings’ custody landed with mom Katie in the dog-parents’ divorce, Josh will still get to see the three spaniels anytime he likes. Sturino is an ambassador for body positivity, a fierce activist for preventing puppy mills and a damn good doggie momma/manager for Toast and co.

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