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Katie Douglas does not have any reported pets.

Katie Douglas

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October 19, 1998 (25)

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Katie Douglas is a Canadian actress notable for her roles in “Spooksville,” which earned her a Young Artist Award nomination, and “Mary Kills People.”

Douglas’s career is highlighted by her performance as Sally Wilcox in “Spooksville,” and her leading role in “Mary Kills People.” In cinema, she is recognized for her portrayal of Vivien in “Level 16” and for her part in “Compulsion.”

Her career features collaborations with actors and actresses across various projects. In “Mary Kills People,” she shared the screen with Sarah Fisher and Sarah Booth, contributing to the series’ critical acclaim. Douglas’s work in “Spooksville” involved significant on-screen interactions with Keean Johnson and Nick Purcha. The film “Level 16” saw her acting alongside Celina Martin and Sara Canning, where their combined performances underscored the movie’s thematic and dramatic depth.