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Kiel Wuellner's Pets

Does Kiel Wuellner Have Any Pets?

Howard (Dog)

Breed: Mixed Breed

Interior designer Kiel Wuellner has a rescue dog named Howard.

Gus (Cat)

Breed: Russian Blue

Kiel Wuellner has a rescue cat named Gus that looks like a Russian Blue breed.

Flora (Cat)

Breed: Russian Blue | Adopted Jun 2023

Kiel Wuellner adopted a second cat named Flora, or just “Flo” for short, in June 2023. Like Gus, Flo looks like she’s a Russian Blue.

Rufus (Dog)

Breed: Boston Terrier

Kiel Wuellner had a rescued Boston Terrier named Rufus, that sadly passed away in April 2020.

Kiel Wuellner

Kiel Wuellner Pets

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Kiel Wuellner is an American interior designer based in Los Angeles. He works as the Senior Creative Director of Stanging at Vesta and also the founder and principal designer at Evenkiel Creative. He’s also known as “Selling Sunset” star Jason Oppenheim’s most trusted designer.