Be Inspired by the Leisurely Lifestyle of Toby Toad

Ya Boi Toby Toad is a true man of leisure who appreciates the finer things, and moments, of life. When I retire from writing about inspirational pets, I can only dream I live the lifestyle goals that Toby has set out for us.

The leisurely lifestyle of Ya Boi Toby Toad
Credit: @ya_boi_toby_toad/Instagram

It can just be simple things like being in no rush to finish breakfast while reading a newspaper.

And enjoying a soak in the tub.

To adventures like hot air ballooning.

And cruising in his classic cherry red Mustang convertible.

In a display of peak chillness, Toby Toad even has his own flower stand at his local farmer’s market.

Another one of his relaxed side gigs is selling local produce.

And you can bet he got into the whole sourdough trend during the lockdown.

He likes to indulge his sweet tooth from time to time. And why shouldn’t he treat himself?

He also likes to get a lil turnt every now and then, and invite his buddies over for a few Coronas.

For more Toad-inspired tranquility, follow @yaboi_toby_toad on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

And check out @toadhatguy, the guy who makes hats for a toad that visits his front porch.

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