The Osbourne Family Adopt a Severely Burned English Bulldog

The Osbourne family can’t get enough dogs (literally) and pretty much always adopt. And when they saw the horrible state of Walter the English Bulldog, their hearts instantly opened for the poor pup. (Update: The Osbournes ended up naming him Bugzy)

The Osbourne Family Adopt a Severely Burned English Bulldog
Credit: Sharon Osbourne/Underdog Heroes Rescue

Formerly named Porkchop, Walter was found as a stray with what appeared to be truly horrific chemical burns on his face and neck back in April. He was taken in by a local shelter, before the good humans at Underdog Heroes stepped up to help the pup out. While in incredible pain, he was still calm and brave.

@underdogheroes_ We saw this baby and how could we turn away?! He is safe with us now. We don’t know if this is chemical burns or an untreated skin condition but either way you can see he’s in agony … SHELTER NOTES Patient appears to have possible skin infection or chemical burn on the head and neck, painful to the touch and necrotic skin noted skin scrape – neg. while sedated- intubated and placed on oxygen and low is to keep sedate during tx. rimadyl inj (12hr) + convenia inj+ baytril inj, clipped and cleaned affected areas with chlorhex solution and applied entederm oint, cleaned ears and applied osurnia. After exam, patient was reported as injured with lesions/open wounds on face and neck. Painful with minimal handling-sedation was needed for more thorough exam and wound care. Upon closer inspection no evidence of trauma was seen. Dog appears to have severe skin fold pyoderma on face with moist erythema and accumulation of purulent exudate with foul odor in skin folds of face. Condition has likely been untreated for a prolonged period of time as evidenced by necrotic sloughing skin on top of head as well as right side of face and right ear pinna. Purulent exudate in ear canals (right worse than left) may be primary ear infection or drainage from surrounding skin. Watching this on repeat, liking, leaving a comment, bookmarking and copying the link 3 times are all things that you can do for free to help PAYPAL/ [email protected] VENMO/ underdog-heroes Follow on IG @underdogrescue_ Apply to foster on our site #s#sosb#bulldogb#bulldogsoftiktokb#bulldogloversr#rescuer#rescuedogs#stopanimalabusea#animalwelfarea#animalrescued#dogrescuef#fyp ♬ Altitude – Muted

But with the kind help of his foster and his determined bulldog spirit, he started to improve quickly!

@underdogheroes_ Replying to hey guys its me Walter! Some of you know me as Porkchop! Im so much happier to be in a safe place and have my wounds finally healing! I even tried to play with a toy! I'm still really itchy and uncomfortable physically, but i know I'm in the best hands. #viral #bulldog #englishbulldog #fyp #foryou ♬ youre so cute – averyyyy

By mid-May, his recovery was still going smoothly.

@underdogheroes_ Walter aka pork chop the bulldog had horrific burns all over his face and neck when we rescued him. He has gotten the best vet care and is thriving with our rescue Underdog Heroes. His personality is coming out and he is so sweet and loving despite the abuse he endured by humans. Look at his amazing transformation! We are so happy for him! #fyp #foryou #animalrescue #underdogheroes #beforeandafter #bulldog #bulldogsoftiktok #bulldoglovers #animalabuse #stopanimalabuse #porkchop #porkchopbulldog ♬ Silence (feat. Khalid) – Marshmello

Then here’s Walter, looking healthy and happy, starting his new life of Hollywood royalty with the Osbournes! Walter caught Sharon’s eye while she scrolled TikTok and had to get in touch. On The Osbournes Podcast, Sharon said, “I was scrolling TikTok… and I saw this little angel, and he had been set on fire and left, and he was very, very skinny. And a guy saw him, saved him, and the Underdog Heroes Rescue took him in and basically saved his life. Everything they do is to rescue dogs that have been harmed.” Kelly added, “After such terrible things were done to him, he still is so full of love, and he is a happy dog.”

The Osbournes have yet to decide if Walter will keep his name or get a new cuter one…

Update: Then a week later, they settled on naming him Bugzy, as well as got him a nice hat to protect his still-recovering head from the sun!

If you can support the wonderful humans who rescued Walter, please visit And to get filled in with the dozens of Osbourne doggos, visit their pet profiles below:

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