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Elvis and Family


Osbourne, a well-known animal-lover, has nine dogs and two cats. Elvis, the newest member of the pack, is a sweet-faced Siberian Husky who has one blue and one brown eye. The genetic mutation called heterochromia is common in the breed.

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Rachel Osbourne, born 9 October 1952, is a British-American television personality, music manager, and author. She is married to heavy metal singer-songwriter Ozzy Osbourne and came to public prominence after appearing on The Osbournes (2002–2005), a reality television show that aired on MTV, which followed her family’s daily life. Osbourne later became a talent show judge on television shows, such as The X Factor (2004–2007, 2013, 2016–2017) and America’s Got Talent (2007–2012).