Interview with Lou the Chichi: Influencer, Model, Designer, Diva, and Napper

Influencer. Model. Designer. Diva. Napper. Lou the Chichi is one career-focused canine who wears many hats (figuratively and literally). As a fashion influencer, she delights millions of followers with her photoshoots, adventures, and life behind the scenes. As a fashion designer, she launched her own collection and online boutique – With her celebrity pet parent clientele including Demi Moore, Sofia Vergara, Paula Abdul, and Kathy Hilton. While having this all on her plate, we’re happy to say this professional pup fit an interview into her schedule!

Interview with Lou the Chichi dog fashion influencer
Credit: Lou the Chichi

Celebrity Pets: So Tyscia, how did you and Lou meet? At a fashion entrepreneur networking event perhaps?

Tyscia: Actually I was casually scrolling through social media when I stumbled upon a picture of a tiny 4-week-old Lou… My heart skipped a beat – she was the epitome of cuteness overload! I couldn’t shake her from my thoughts, so naturally, like any dog-obsessed human would do, I adopted her.

Lou turned out to be quite the surprise package! As a puppy, she was incredibly feisty. She’d throw tantrums when things didn’t go her way and had a knack for barking at seemingly nothing. But everything changed when I made the decision to take her everywhere with me – whether it was to work, on errands, or even travels. Exposing her to so many different environments and people through socialization turned her into the calmest and most laid-back chihuahua puppy you could imagine. Now, she’s my little companion who’s always by my side, bringing joy wherever we go.

CP: Cool, it really sounds like Lou was born with an ambitious streak. Now Lou, can you tell us a bit about your human?

Lou the Chichi: Well, my Mother Hooman is head over paws for me, ever since I came into her life. She’s so devoted that she even quit her job to dedicate herself full-time to managing my social media presence and running our pet apparel store. She works tirelessly, putting in long hours to ensure I have the best lifestyle imaginable, while I enjoy the perks of living rent-free and being pampered like royalty. I’ve definitely got her wrapped around my fluffy paw, and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

CP: That’s great you have someone you can trust to handle day-to-day while you focus on the big picture. Did she always support you pursuing a career in fashion? Or did she hope you’d go to medical or law school?

Lou the Chichi: My mother has always been on board with my fashion dreams! Though sometimes I catch her whispering about my ‘law school potential’ when I beg for chimkun or cheese. I guess she’s just jealous of my sense of style AND my legal expertise in fetching treats.

CP: What would your mom say makes you “Lou”?

Lou the Chichi: Hmmm if you asked my human mom what makes me “Lou the Chichi,” she’s likely start with my loving, cuddly, and calm personali-Chi. She’d probably mention my magical healing abilities too—I can turn anyone’s frown upside down with just a wag of my tail. She might chuckle about my delicious frito paws, which she swears smell like corn chips (embarrassing lol). Of course, she’d bring up my bombastic side-eyes that could rival any drama queen. And who could forget my tornado zoomie spins that leaves everyone dizzy with laughter? All in all, despite my smol size, she’d emphasize my big quirks that make me uniquely, unmistakably Lou.

CP: What types of content would you say capture your personality?

Lou the Chichi:  The perfect representation of my personality on socials would probably be a montage of my attention-seeking antics—like when I demand belly rubs or treats—and stylish fashion photos where I effortlessly strike poses. Topped off with my infamous Munday cancelation rants. it’s a medley that truly captures all sides of my charming and sometimes (ahem, often) dramatic persona.

CP: How did you first get into fashion? Did something or someone inspire you?

Lou the Chichi: Heeeyy babe! I’m fabulous as usual, how are you? (Sorry, just got a call, my momager will have to answer this one)

Tyscia: Sure thing Lou. Our venture into fashion really began during the pandemic. With more time on my hands and seeking creative outlets, I started taking photos of Lou and sharing them on social media. Little did I expect the overwhelming response they received – people loved seeing Lou’s adorable antics and stylish outfits. It quickly snowballed into a community of kind and supportive followers, bringing smiles to many during a challenging time.

The turning points were memorable. One was a video of Lou as a tiny puppy sleeping in the palm of my hand, which unexpectedly went viral. Embracing Instagram reels early on further boosted our reach and solidified our fanbase. Then came a surprising opportunity when Kathy Hilton, upon seeing Lou’s outfits, reached out asking if they were for sale. Not wanting to miss out on such a chance, I quickly set up Shop Lou’s Closet, even though it didn’t exist before her inquiry. Kathy became not only our first customer but also our first Instagram promotional story post, spreading the word about our boutique and causing a whirlwind of excitement.

Four years later, Lou’s fashion journey has blossomed beyond imagination. We’ve reached milestones that I could have only dreamed of back then. Lou’s outfits have graced the wardrobes of icons like Demi Moore, Sofia Vergara, and Paula Abdul, among others. It’s surreal to think how a passion project born out of love for my furry companion has evolved into something that touches the lives of so many, bringing smiles and style to celebrities and fans alike.

CP: Can you dog-walk us through a typical day as a fashion influencer?

Lou the Chichi: Ahh, a typical day in my life as a celebrity pup starts with my human (who’s like totally obsessed with me) pulling me out of bed around 11am. I’d happily rot in bed until 3pm if it were up to me, but she insists I supervise her while she works. But luckily, I get to nap on her lap as she types away on her computer.

At around 3pm, she usually nudges me to go outside for a quick photo shoot or to film a short video. I am an artist, so she’s pretty considerate about my mood – If I’m not feeling it, she lets me go back to my beauty sleep. But when I’m in the mood, we keep our sessions short, usually no more than 20-30 minutes. The best part? I always get rewarded with treats and belly rubs afterward – it’s a win-win situation.

After my afternoon photo session, my day usually continues with some well-deserved napping. Around 6pm, I wake up from my beauty nap to enjoy a delicious supper. Once I’ve satisfied my appetite, it’s time for our evening walk. Well, technically, Mother Hooman walks while I enjoy the VIP treatment of being carried in style. It’s quite the spectacle, I must say, and a great opportunity to show off my latest fashion ensemble to the neighborhood.

When we return home, my responsibilities as a pupfluencer continue. I take on the crucial role of supervising Mother Hooman as she meticulously packs and prepares orders for our loyal customers. From inspecting the packaging to ensuring everything is just right – with my impeccable eye for details it’s critical I oversee the entire process.

It’s a full day of glamour, relaxation, and a little bit of work – all in a day’s life as a fashion influencer extraordinaire!

CP: Impressive! And glad to hear your momager can keep up! So what are some of your favorite outfits?

Lou the Chichi: Here are a couple from my Summer collection.

And my Winter collection.

CP: Pairs. Sicily. Disneyland. You’re quite the jetsetting duo. Have any fun travel memories you’d like to relive for us?

Tyscia: Oh, traveling with Lou is an absolute joy! One of our most cherished adventures was our time in Paris. It was just me, my parents, and Lou, and the whole experience was truly magical and wholesome. Lou proved to be the perfect travel companion, captivating everyone we encountered with her calm demeanor and sweet personality. Her presence left such an impression that my mom couldn’t resist adopting a little chihuahua of her own – Nala joined the family just two months later.

Traveling with Lou fills my heart with unforgettable memories, and there’s truly nothing I love more than exploring the world with my beloved furry companion by my side.

CP: Can you tell us a bit about your niece Nala?

Tyscia: Nala is like a little ball of energy and joy! Whenever she visits to play with Lou and the cats, she turns the house into a whirlwind of fun and chaos. It’s amazing to see how lively and spirited she can be. But when she’s back home with her mom, Nala transforms into the sweetest, cuddliest, and sleepiest pup you could ever imagine. She truly embodies the perfect balance of playful exuberance and serene calmness.

Fun fact: Every time my mom mentions my name, “Tyscia,” Nala perks up and dashes to the door, eagerly tilting her head as if hoping to catch a glimpse of me. It’s both heartwarming and hilarious to see her reaction!

Lou the Chichi: Nala is absolutely bonkers. But you know what? Despite her wild antics, I’ve gotta admit, I still love her—well, most of the time, anyway.

Lou the Chichi: This year, I’m predicting that lightweight, breathable fabrics will be a hit for summer. Think stylish yet practical pieces like linen shirts or cotton sundresses that keep us cool and comfortable during those sunny days. As for fall, cozy knit sweaters with chic patterns or classic trench coats are timeless choices that will never go out of style. Of course, I’ll be rocking my own signature pieces too – look out for adorable bow ties and stylish bandanas that add a touch of flair to any outfit. Whether it’s summer or fall, staying fashionable while feeling fabulous is always in season!

Lately, I’ve been very much into strawberry and cherry prints, with my Cherry Ruffles and Strawberry Ruffles my current summer favs.

Lou the Chichi cherry and strawberry ruffle shirts
Credit: Lou the Chichi

As a fashion-forward pup, I believe we should steer clear of outfits that sacrifice comfort for style. Those elaborate costumes with excessive frills or uncomfortable materials might look cute for a photo, but let’s face it—they’re not practical for everyday wear. Dogs should feel as good as they look, so let’s prioritize outfits that are cozy, easy to move in, and don’t restrict our natural movements.

Lou the Chichi, on what fashion trends discerning dogs should skip this season

CP: What advice would you give to pups out there considering a career in fashion?

Lou the Chichi: If you’re a pup dreaming of a career in fashion, my advice is to embrace your unique style and personality. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks and trends, but always prioritize comfort and practicality.

Building a strong presence on social media can also help showcase your fashion sense to a wider audience – so strike a pose, share your outfits, and engage with your followers! 

Remember, being a fashion influencer is about more than just looking cute: it’s about inspiring others and spreading joy through your unique sense of style. And most importantly, have fun with it!

CP: Great advice! Besides being an international fashion model, you’re also an internationally renowned napper. Any napping tips for any humans or dogs reading this?

Lou the Chichi: Ah, napping… An elevated art form that I’ve mastered to international acclaim! For both humans and fellow dogs seeking to perfect the art of napping, here are my top tips: First, find a cozy spot that feels safe and comfortable – whether it’s a plush bed, a sunny patch of carpet, or a snug blanket. Second, create a peaceful environment by minimizing noise and distractions – yes, I call it “shutupation,” where everyone respects the sanctity of nap time. Finally, embrace your dreams and make napping a priority. As I always say, “When you snooze, you win!”

CP: While you always look stunning and professional on social media. Do you have any off-duty outfits you wear to relax? Or are doggy yoga pants a no-go for a furry fashionista such as yourself?

Lou the Chichi: When I’m off-duty and lounging at home, I prefer to keep it au naturel. Being comfortable is key, and nothing beats the freedom of being in my birthday suit – no outfits required! While doggy yoga pants might sound tempting for some, I believe in embracing relaxation in its purest form. Plus, who needs clothes when you’ve got a luxurious coat like mine? It’s all about feeling fabulous, whether I’m strutting my stuff on social media or enjoying a cozy day indoors.

CP: If you hosted a TED Talk, what would the topic be?

Lou the Chichi: Why All Mondays Should Be Canceled

CP: I see you and Cedric the Chihuahua are quite close. Can you tell us more about the lovely summer date you went on below?

Lou the Chichi: Cedric and I have a special bond indeed! He’s actually the first dog I’ve really clicked with, probably because we share common interests: social media stardom, indulging in gourmet meals, and mastering the art of the 23-hour nap.

On the day of our lovely summer date, Cedric and I enjoyed a delightful day outdoors in his backyard, basking in the warm sunshine and enjoying the fragrant flowers. We soaked up the fresh air and relished the simple joys of being together. Later, we were treated to a delicious homecooked meal prepared especially for us—chicken and veggies, our favorites! After our sumptuous feast, we snuggled up on the couch for a well-deserved nap, cozied up in blankets and dreaming sweet dreams.

CP: Have any exciting plans coming up?

Lou the Chichi: I’m thrilled to share that I have a new plushie coming soon! It’s going to be the perfect addition to my collection, and I can’t wait to show it off. Stay tuned for updates – you won’t want to miss it!

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