Lola the golden retriever joins fire department to help with mental health

This good girl has joined the Vancouver Fire Department but not to put out fires. Lola, a 2.5-year-old golden retriever, will work as a trauma dog to help firefighters with their mental health.

Credit: @vanfirerescue IG

Lola was a rescue from Idaho, where she was trained by the Citadel Canine Society, which trains brave dogs to help humans that work as first responders or the military who suffer from stress and PTSD.

Credit: @ropegunassassin IG

Working at a job like being a firefighter involves lots of stress and dealing with life or death situations, which can lead to mental health challenges. Lola is a chill, loving dog that brings her good vibes to firefighters who had to deal with these tough situations.

Credit: @vfrs_lola IG

Let’s thank all the good boys and girls like Lola that work as therapy dogs and the amazing first responders that put so much on the line to help keep us all safe!

Credit: @vfrs_lola IG
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