Dolly Parton launches perfectly named dog accessories brand “Doggy Parton”

Dolly Parton, legendary for both her music and her love of dogs, has launched her own dog accessories brand perfectly named “Doggy Parton“. A collaboration between her and her French bulldog Billy the Kid (aka @BTKthefrenchie).

The main highlights of the brand are some proceeds will go to the Willa B. Farms rescue organization, which helps homeless, neglected, abused, and abandoned animals.

And you can finally now buy your pooch a BIG BLONDE WIG so they can look like Dolly Parton!

The rest of the Doggy Parton lineup stays true to Dolly’s one-of-a-kind style: Pink cowboy hat with gold tiara print, pink-collared cowgirl dress, blue denim and gingham bandana, and more pink’d out country vibe accessories.

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