Lovely Kupata: The Street Dog Who Became a Crossing Guard (and International Celebrity)

Meet Kupata (which translates to sausage), a street dog with a heart of gold, who you’ll find in the town of Batumi in Georgia. But where you’ll specifically find him, is most likely helping school children safely cross the street!

He started to go viral internationally in early 2020, but he was already a local hero in Georgia.

Kupata goes out of his way to guide children across the street and always lets any car nearby that he’s in charge around here.

And he takes his job pretty seriously, if you couldn’t already tell.

When there’s no traffic to manage, Kupata will calmly escort his clients.

Here’s an aerial view of the action.

Kupata is even training a few furry interns!

Here’s a recent video from July 2023. Still holding it down.

While he is dedicated to his very important job. He does take time off to focus on his wellness.

And if you’re wondering if he’s still a street dog, he was set up with his own doggy house back in January 2020!

Check out just one example below of many pieces of art dedicated to this courageous canine!

Kupata’s dedication has led to his city of Batumi to launch the “Kupata program” to help get stray dogs adopted. You can follow this helpful doggo on Instagram at @lovelykupata. And we’re sad to report that in October 2023, Kupata passed away just before his 10th birthday.

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