After Going Viral at the Oscars, Dog Actor Messi Lands His Own Reality TV Show

Messi, the Palm Dog award-winning canine actor who starred in Anatomy of a Fall, is set to star in his own reality TV show next month. Titled Messi: The Cannes Film Festival from a Dog’s Eye View, it will be a series of eight one-minute episodes broadcast on French TV channels and TikTok.

Dog actor Messi gets his own reality TV show at Cannes Film Festival
Credit: @lauraandmessi

According to a translation of the French press release from D18 Paris, “It is through the eyes of Messi (the canine George Clooney) and the voice of Raphaël Mezrahi, that we will discover the Cannes Film Festival from dawn to the end of the night… It will be an opportunity for Messi to ask all the questions he wants to his guest with the innocence of a dog. When you’re THE international star of the moment, you can get away with anything… and Messi dares everything!”

You can bet Messi will be a hit with all the human celebrities on the Red Carpet at Cannes next month. He already made a huge impression while at the Oscars luncheon, where celebs like Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, and Emma Stone were delighted to meet Messi.

Then, after rumors Messi wasn’t invited (and then wouldn’t make it) to the Academy Awards, his surprise appearance quickly went viral and was the highlight of the show.

Messi also won big at the 2024 Fido Awards.

The Fido Awards 2024 The Oscars for Canine Actors
Credit: @thefidoawards/Instagram
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