Meet Aussie Sedona: Canine Model, Adventurer, and Influencer

Aussie Sedona is a stunning Australian Shepherd who’s as good at taking selfies as she is at adventuring.

Meet Aussie Sedona Canine Model and Travel Influencer
Credit: @aussie.sedona/Instagram

Her mom Jess got her as a pup in Australia four years ago, and she’s been slaying ever since!

All Australian Shepherds are born to adventure, with Sedona being no exception.

Being a full-time influencer, she’s actually never worked a traditional job.

Because when you’re selfie game is this fire, a 9-to-5 is clearly not for you.

But her mom does keep her Shepherd energy engaged through plenty of training.

And Sedona also offers tips for fellow dogfluencers looking to up their selfie skills.

With her looks and style, no wonder she’s getting sponsored as a beauty influencer from Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty brand.

In late 2023, Sedona moved from Australia to her mom’s home city of Toronto in Canada. She’s since had her first experiences in snow and had a blast (while looking great doing it).

She’s also enjoying life as a city girl with her new squad.

Sedona and her mom have also started adventuring across America, including a trip to Orlando for The Global Pet Expo.

Throwback to baby Sedona!

For more you can follow @aussie.sedona on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

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