Justin Beaver Baby beaver makes himself feel at home (by building one out of toys)

Justin Bieber, sorry, Justin Beaver, is a lucky baby beaver who lives at the Second Chances Wildlife Center in Kentucky. He was an orphan that was rescued last summer at 8 weeks old. Without parents to raise him, he can’t return to the wild, but he doesn’t let that hold him back.

While he can’t build his own home out in the wild, he still keeps up his skills. He’ll cruise around his home, gathering his favorite toys and other household items to build his indoor dam. This isn’t his first urban dam either, with him focusing his energy into his work, to cut back on chewing on furniture.

Note JB and other beavers are not pets. He’s licenced an educational animal and will help kids learn about cool mammals like him. His caretakers are currently raising funds to build him an outdoor enclosure with a pond so that he can have an authentic dam-building experience. If you’d like to contribute to JB and other rescues, visit Second Chances Wildlife.

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