Samson The Cat (Catstradamus), a Maine Coon, Biggest Cat from the Big Apple

The largest kitty in the city, Samson The Cat aka Catstradamus, reaches 4ft long and weighs 28lbs.

Meet Samson. He’s not fat by any means. He just happens to be a very large cat. Maine Coons are known to be gentle giants reaching 10 to 20 lbs. on average. Samson just happens to be a on the top end of “average”.

samson catstradamus
Credit: @catstradamus IG

A quick search will show there are an unbelievable number of world records for cats out there and we are 100% sure that Samson, at his largest, had a chance at beating some of them. While he may be big, his dad, Jonathan Zurbel, once reassured fans that Samson isn’t fat.

I knew he would be big but I never knew he was going to be this big. First of all I just wanna put this out there my cat is not fat. People accuse him of being fat and I just want to stop cat shaming and body shaming cats. He’s not fat, he’s not Kate Moss, he’s not a supermodel but he is a big healthy sturdy cat. I’ve always been posting his pictures because I love him so much. I think he’s so beautiful and I want to share him.

Jonathan Zurbel with “The Gothamist”

In recent years Catstradamus has been joined by Dante @catstradante. Dante, or Danté Magnus Nicodemus, also happens to be a Maine Coon but isn’t nearly as big…. or will he be?

Credit: @catstradante IG

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So large he needs both hands


“Get Up, I dare you”

samson catstradamus
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