Kate Beckinsale Gets Two Tattoos of Her Late Persian Cat Clive

Back in June, Kate Beckinsale shared the sad news that Clive, her beloved Persian cat, had passed away. Clive was a rescue that Beckinsale lived to around 15 or 16 years old, making him a big part of Beckinsale’s life. And she made that very clear through all the cute and hilarious posts of them together over the years. Then, in August, the Underworld franchise star shared a forearm tattoo dedicated to Clive.

The post got around 120k likes on Instagram alone. Comments include one from the best actress to play Catwoman ever, Michelle Pfeiffer, saying, “That is so beautiful!”. And while Pfeiffer, of course has a kitty herself, she recently adopted a pup named Dot.

Then, on September 1st, Beckinsale revealed she got a second tattoo of Clive – this one featuring Clive’s gorgeous eyes watching her back from kitty heaven. And her fans loved that she got a second tat, as it already topped the number of likes on her last IG post in one day! Celebrity Pet queen Paris Hilton commented with a teary eye and cat face emoji (and while Paris is an iconic dog mom, she also has three cats)

For our tribute to the late and great kitty Clive, click here. Also in the same month, Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller both got tattoos from the same artist of their late dog Zelda.

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