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December 18, 1984 (39)

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Ali Spagnola is an American musician, artist, and social media personality, recognized for her innovative “Free Paintings” project and her one-minute music YouTube series, among other ventures.

Spagnola’s career has been characterized by her vibrant creativity and digital prowess, the cornerstone of which lies in her unique music projects. With a background in classical piano and a passion for eclectic music genres, she released a concept album, “The Power Hour Album,” consisting of 60 one-minute songs. The album doubles as a drinking game, with each song acting as a timer for participants. A further testament to her innovative nature is the “One-Gal Band” series on YouTube, where she uses live looping to perform cover songs entirely on her own. Also, her “Free Paintings” project on YouTube, where she creates artwork based on fan suggestions and mails the pieces to them for free, exemplifies her blending of music, art, and social media to create a unique brand.

Throughout her career, Spagnola has collaborated with numerous other artists and celebrities. For instance, she has worked with prominent YouTuber Hank Green, popular webcomic creator Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal, and musician Rob Scallon on various projects. She also partnered with YouTubers Steve Zaragoza and Joe Bereta of The Valleyfolk, actress Hannah Hart, and musician Andrew Huang. Additionally, Spagnola has collaborated with prominent TikTok creators, including Brittany Broski and Zach King.

In terms of recognition, Spagnola’s unique creativity and entrepreneurial spirit have won her significant recognition in her field. Her “Free Paintings” project was honored with a Biennial Award from the Pittsburgh Technology Council in 2007. Additionally, her “Power Hour” album gained legal recognition when she won a two-year trademark lawsuit against a party that attempted to restrict the use of the term “power hour” for drinking games.