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Fernando & Others (Cat)

Norma Nivia has three cats, one named Fernando.[1]

Norma Nivia

Norma Nivia Pets


September 23, 1979 (44)

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Norma Nivia is a Colombian actress known for her roles in the film “Los viajes del viento” and the television series “Cumbia Ninja.” Nivia has also made contributions to voice acting.

Norma Nivia’s career spans multiple genres and mediums. In film, she played a role in “Los viajes del viento” (2009), directed by Ciro Guerra. In television, Nivia appeared in “Cumbia Ninja” (2013-2015). She voiced characters in several animated projects, including the Spanish version of “Brave” (2012), voicing Merida.

Nivia collaborated with Brenda Asnicar and Ricardo Abarca in “Cumbia Ninja.” In “Los viajes del viento,” she worked with Marciano Martínez and Yull Núñez. In voice acting, Nivia collaborated with Julio Bracho and Odiseo Bichir.