Mittens the Cat Is So Popular He Was Awarded the Keys to His City

in 2017, a citizen of Wellington, New Zealand, slowly became an international celebrity. His popularity with the humans in Wellington skyrocketed over just a few years.

Mittens the Cat visiting a local business
Credit: @mittensofwellington/Instagram

The next year, he was featured in the Wellington Advent Calendar. Then in 2020, he was awarded the key to the city, a hit song was released about him, a book was written about him, and he was nominated for “New Zealander of the Year”. And this list would be impressive for any human – But this was achieved by a Turkish Angora cat named Mittens (Full name Mittens, His Royal Floofiness).

Mittens the cat adventuring through Wellington
Credit: @mittensofwellington/Instagram

And how did Mittens become so adored by his city? Did he start a business that employs hundreds of locals? Did he discover some medical break through? Did he save a school bus full of children from crashing? Nope, he’s just full of charm and positive energy, which he spreads around the city on one of his many fun friend-making adventures.

So MIttens ain’t no average house cat. He’s a true city cat. He treats Wellington as his personal playground, wandering into shops, offices, and even hopping on buses, as if he owns the place. (Well, he does have keys to the place, so he kinda does.) His adventures, often documented by amused Wellingtonians, have turned him into a social media celeb. Sightings of the famous feline led to all his encounters being mapped. His Facebook group, The Wondrous Adventures of Mittens, has almost 70,000 members and counting.

The people of Wellington started to recognize that this charismatic cat embodies the city’s friendly, inclusive vibe. Whether he’s lounging in a café or strolling through the halls of a university, Mittens is met with nothing but love and admiration. This made him a furry ambassador before he was officially recognized with the keys to the city in August 2020.

That same year, the Wellington Museum held an exhibition in Mittens’ honor, showcasing his adventures and the impact he’s had on the city. Not every day, a cat gets his own exhibit, but then again, Mittens isn’t your everyday cat. They also hosted the release of the children’s book dedicated to him, The Adventures of Mittens.

Then a hit song, simply titled “Mittens,” dropped in December 2020.

Mittens, now 13 years old in 2023, has since retired from the limelight. He relocated back to his original home city of Auckland with his humans to live a more relaxed life now that his big adventuring days are over.

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