Ride or Die: top ten hitchhiking animals buds

Think you’ve got a sick whip? Unless you’re a bunny rabbit riding around on a tortoise, no one’s going to care that much about your new car.

Check out these adorably hilarious photos of animals riding other animals!

This dog knows how to cross a stream!

elephant dog ride

This frog could not be striking a better pose.

frog beetle ride



monkey cowboy dog
monkey riding dog

Whiplash and his fellow cowboy monkey kill it as they corral sheep across the USA! Watch out ladies, these monkeys mean business.

Check out this kitten taken the hen on a ride!

kitten rooster ride

Get your minds out of the gutter.

When your big friend helps you out ’cause you’re just smol

dog riding horse

It helps having friends in high places.

Triple decker

mouse cat dog ride

These three really know how to collaborate.

Sir Puggelsworth III

pug horse ride

Sir Puggelsworth attending to his equestrian duties.


cowboy dog horse

Gets real cold ’round these parts.

Hitchin’ a ride.

woodpecker weasel ride

Just a regular weasel doing regular weasel stuff.

When your dad gives you a piggy back ride

dog riding dog

You don’t want to get cold feet!

Boneback Mountain: The Sequel

dogs riding horse

We think they nailed the recasting of Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger, no?

There you have it, fellow folks and floofers. Make sure you share this article with your ride or die bestie, so they know next time you link up you’ll be needing a piggyback ride. Much like this absolute beauty of a doggo duo.