Monkeys on social media are a lot like monkeys in the wild: they’re cute, curious, and can be a little unpredictable. But unlike their wild counterparts, social media monkeys can be tamed- at least to some extent. If you’re thinking about getting one of these primates as a pet, keep reading for everything you should learn before making some monkey business your own business.


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Meet Xing Xing the one-armed monkey and the grandma nun that adopted her (video)

Despite losing an arm, Xing Xing is one chilled-out chonk thanks to Ye, the elderly Buddhist nun who rescued her.

The touching moment a monkey mourned the death of the man who showed kindness

It’s always heartbreaking when any creature — human or not — loses a loved one. Peetambaram Rajan, a 56-year-old Sri Lanka local, passed away recently and many were saddened, including his monkey companion. Rajan had become known as a friend of animals and his monkey friend visited him everyday for snacks and companionship.

Chimpanzee escapes zoo, but it starts raining so she gets a jacket and bikes back

A chimp named Chichi decided to take a day trip from her home, which is a zoo in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Screenshot via Pulbic Ukraine / YouTube As seen in the viral video below, she seems happy to be cruising around the neighborhood. Her zookeepers tried to convince her to join them, but with no luck.

Snow monkey gang terrorizes Japanese city

When you think of Japanese macaques, aka snow monkeys, you probably see cute chillin’ monkeys living a life of leisure, playing in the snow and soaking in hot springs. But you may also wonder, how do they afford this lavish lifestyle? Well, according to reports, one monkey gang has been on a month-long crime spree.

Diddy Kong & Yeti Kong Navigating Runway Modeling and Bath Times

Pets really do have the best lives. A couple monkeys out of Miami are showing everyone that they have more fun than just about everyone else by sharing their antics from appearing at fashion events to bath time. Their pair of marmosets named Diddy and Yeti Kong have taken social media by storm amassing over 1M followers across their channels.

Baby Chimp Born on National Chimp Day Named After Iconic Scientist

A baby chimp born at the Detroit Zoo is named after the scientist Jane Goodall. The chimp was born on World Chimpanzee Day. Her namesake Jane Goodall was an English primatologist from 1960 who studied the social interactions of wild chimpanzees.

Ride or Die: top ten hitchhiking animals buds

Think you’ve got a sick whip? Unless you’re a bunny rabbit riding around on a tortoise, no one’s going to care that much about your new car. Check out these adorably hilarious photos of animals riding other animals!

Gang of monkeys terrorize tourists in Indonesia

A literal monkey mafia has formed on the island of Bali at a popular tourist attraction. The primate crime ring is made up of Macaque monkeys. They rob tourists and then barter the ill-gotten gains back to them in exchange for food.

Finger monkeys Diddy & Yeti Kong were orphans, now best friends

Diddy Kong and Yeti Kong @realdiddykong are two tiny “finger monkeys” (marmosets) who are living the good life in Miami, Florida. They have over 1 million followers on Instagram and are famous for their adorable monkeying around. Check out their first viral video below. < View this post on Instagram A post shared by Diddy Kong & Yeti Kong (@realdiddykong) Diddy Kong was adopted by his parents from an animal sanctuary in Florida after his mother and siblings tragically died.

Miraculous Recovery Thailand Monkey Shot in the Face with a Metal Arrow Survives

Rocket, a seven year old Macaque monkey was found wandering the streets of Bangkok with a metal arrow protruding out of his face. Authorities say it was shot out of a harpoon gun, possibly by someone using Rocket as target practice. A woman named Mongkul Plus found the injured Macaque, and said she was surprised he was still alive.