Meet Xing Xing the one-armed monkey and the nun that adopted her (video)

Despite losing an arm, Xing Xing the Monkey is one chilled-out chonk, all thanks to Ye (also known as Grandma), the elderly Buddhist nun who rescued her. Xing Xing the Monkey is a Tibetan macaque in China who accidentally lost her arm in a wild boar trap.

The story of Xing Xing the one armed Tibetan macaque monkey and Grandma Ye the Nun in China

She was found by a hunter, who sold her to a local village to be their entertainment. Xing Xing apparently had too big an appetite for her owners, so she sadly lost her job and her home.

She was then luckily taken in by Grandma Ye, an 83-year-old Buddhist nun, and has lived in her temple for over ten years. It’s believed Xing Xing is at least 15 years old. She was naughty at first, always stealing food.

Thanks to Ye’s kindness and patience, Xing Xing has become very relaxed and friendly to humans for a monkey.

Videos of her looking cute and round while enjoying snacks started going viral, and now she’s an online celebrity.


She’s actually become too famous, with too many visitors coming just to see her, leading to overfeeding. Let’s hope she gets on an appropriate diet (right after the holidays of course) but keeps getting all the love she deserves.

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