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Buddy (Dog)

Adopted Dec 2017

Aaron Doh adopted a dog named Buddy in December 2017.

Aaron Doh

Aaron Doh Pets

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Aaron Doh is an American social media personality and actor, recognized for his engaging content on TikTok and his acting role in the television series “Mr. Student Body President.” He first gained popularity on Vine with his comedic sketches and lip-sync videos and successfully transitioned to TikTok, amassing a significant following.

In his acting career, Doh’s notable role in “Mr. Student Body President,” a series on the digital platform go90, marked his transition from a social media personality to a professional actor. This role demonstrated his ability to branch out into different forms of media and entertainment.

Doh’s career has been marked by collaborations with well-known social media influencers, including David Dobrik and Liza Koshy.