Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy’s New Rescue Pitbull Is Already Giving Back

Dave Portnoy, pizza impresario and inventor of Barstool Sports, celebrated Valentine’s Day with his new love: Miss Peaches. And no, that isn’t the name of a stripper. She’s a lovely rescue Pitbull Portnoy just adopted from LifeLine Animal Project in Atlanta.

Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy’s New Rescue Pitbull supporting dog rescue
Credit: @stoolpresidente/Instagram

Portnoy shared a touching video of their first date, with plenty of head scritches and belly rubs. While she seemed pretty shy at first, Miss Peaches warmed up to her new dad pretty fast. And by the end of the video, the rescue moved on up from car rides to private jet rides!

Not only is it awesome to see a Pitbull find a happy home, but also seeing a senior pup get adopted. Thanks to celebs’ acts of kindness like this reaching millions of fans, they’re encouraging them to do the same!

She’s had some rough years, so we can understand her shyness. Portnoy shared that she was rescued with 26 other dogs from a hoarding/breeding/neglect situation. But from her Instagram @famousmisspeaches, her confidence and joy has clearly grown in just a few days. And over those few days, this rising pet influencer already has over 100k Instagram followers!

Now Miss Peaches is already using her newfound confidence and fame to give back to the shelter that saved her.

You can buy either a hoodie or t-shirt featuring Miss Peaches branding. And all net proceeds will be donated to dog rescue organizations!

Dave Portnoy's rescue dog Miss Peaches charity apparel
Credit: famousmisspeaches/Instagram

To support other shelter pups just like Miss Peaches, you can buy her “Adopt Don’t Shop” merch at the Barstool Store. And make sure to follow her on Instagram at @famousmisspeaches.

UPDATE: As of April 1, 2024, Miss Peaches has raised $500k in just six weeks!

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