Dave Portnoy and His Rescue Pitbull Miss Peaches Have Raised $500K for Dog Charities in 6 Weeks

For Valentine’s Day, Dave Portnoy met the love of his life: Miss Peaches. A rescued senior pitbull, Miss Peaches was saved along with 26 other dogs from an abusive breeding and hoarding situation. Fast forward only six weeks and the happy couple has raised $500k for dog charities and shelters!

Dave Portnoy and His Rescue Pitbull Miss Peaches Have Raised $500K for Dog Charities in 6 Weeks
Credit: Dave Portnoy

Miss Peaches quickly settled into her happy new life – And quickly launched a growing influencer career. Portnoy and the pup immediately used their fame to start giving back to the shelter that saved her and other shelters across the country. This included a line of merchandise with all proceeds benefiting pups in need.

Dave Portnoy's rescue dog Miss Peaches charity apparel
Credit: @famousmisspeaches/Instagram

Fans of pizza and pups were quick to rally behind Miss Peaches, which saw sales and donations rolling in.

Most recently, Miss Peaches had her first meeting with the Easter Bunny. And after the photo op, the pup dropped a cool $10k in the bunny’s basket to give to a charity of her choice.

Then, in a recent interview, Portnoy shared his and Miss Peaches’ efforts have racked up an incredible half a million for animal shelters, including the LifeLine Animal Project, which rescued the pitty. Portnoy also claimed that the Miami mayor has plans name May 20th as “Miss Peaches Day” and present her with the “bone to the city of Miami.” While I’d bet on it just being some of his dead pan humor, I’m sure we’d all love to see more days dedicated to doggos that advocate for animal charities and rescues.

[Clip starts when Portnoy talks about Miss Peaches]

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Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy’s New Rescue Pitbull supporting dog rescue
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