How a Feral Silicon Valley Cat Became Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Hamilton the Hipster Cat @hamilton_the_hipster_cat was once a feral in Silicon Valley. He made an instant connection with his techie dad who adopted him on the spot. For Ham, it’s a classic rags to riches story.

Being feral, Ham had some trust issues and preferred to live in the bathroom of his pops apartment for the first month. He figured it was safer. Eventually, Ham relocated to the closet and slowly began making appearances in the rest of the apartment. Trust for a previously feral cat is slow and takes time, Ham’s dad had patience and now the two are best buds.

The hipster cat has had a web series, appeared in commercials and had his own calendar line. Having a tech worker for a father has paid off with the Hamilton the Hipster Cat app, which adds Hamilton Hipster paraphernalia to your photos. The mustachioed kitty reportedly earns $15,900 annually, pulling in an average of $3,000 per sponsored post. A true dapper gentleman, he has donated most of it to charity.

Hammy’s pop auctioned off his original Instagram handle and followers to Adopt-a-Pet. He’s an advocate for adopting from shelters, using Hamilton as his own success story. If a feral cat and a techie from Silicon Valley can be this happy with adoption, there’s hope for you, too.

Hamilton does not do public appearances, preferring (like most hipsters) his online presence. If you absolutely can’t live without seeing the feline in live action, you can check him out on Vine or YouTube. Most of the time he’s pouncing on the filmmaker, however it’s not uncommon to find Ham pouring over some vinyl or sippin’ on a PBR… Ironically of course.

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