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Does Wyatt Russell Have Any Pets?

Kas (Dog)


Wyatt Russell and Meredith Hanger have a rescue mutt named Kas.

Bowie (Dog)

Adopted 2009

Wyatt Russell and Meredith Hagner had a beloved rescue dog named Bowie. Meredith adopted him in 2009 when he was three years old. He passed away at 14 in September 2021.

Wyatt Russell

Wyatt Russell Pets


July 10, 1986 (37)

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Wyatt Russell, born on July 10, 1986, in Los Angeles, California, has carved out a distinctive niche in Hollywood, leveraging his rich family heritage and diverse talents. The son of renowned actors Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, Wyatt stands tall at 6 feet 2 inches, embodying a unique blend of charm and intensity that has defined his career path from a professional ice hockey player to a captivating actor​​​​​​​​.

Before his foray into acting, Wyatt pursued a career in ice hockey, playing for various teams as a goaltender, a passion that was evident from the tender age of four. His journey through the amateur and professional hockey leagues, including the Richmond Sockeyes, Langley Hornets, and Groningen Grizzlies, among others, showcases his dedication and versatility. However, following a series of hip injuries, Wyatt transitioned to acting, a field where he has since flourished​​​​.

Wyatt’s acting portfolio is as diverse as his background. Notable roles include his performances in This Is 40, 22 Jump Street, Everybody Wants Some!!, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, where he portrayed John Walker, a complex character that added a new layer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His roles in Overlord and Black Mirror further exhibit his ability to navigate a range of genres, from horror to sci-fi, demonstrating his versatility and depth as an actor​​​​.

His accolades, including nominations from the Teen Choice Awards, Hollywood Critics Association TV Awards, Gold Derby Awards, and OFTA Television Awards, underscore his impact and recognition within the industry. These nominations, particularly for his role in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, highlight the critical acclaim and audience appreciation for his work​​.

Off-screen, Wyatt’s personal life has been equally eventful. After his marriage to Sanne Hamers ended in divorce, he found love with actress Meredith Hagner, with whom he shares a son and is expecting their second child. Their relationship, blossoming from their meeting on the set of Folk Hero & Funny Guy, has been a journey of partnership both on and off the screen​.

Wyatt Russell is also co-founder of Lake Side, a canned cocktail brand, who signed his parents’ dog, Roy, as their brand ambassador.