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Chloe and Grey (Dog)


Tom DeLonge had two recue dogs named Chloe and Grey. The two appeared alongside the musician in a PETA ‘Have the Balls to Fix Your Dog!’ campaign in 2009.

Luna (Dog)

Breed: Great Dane

Tom DeLonge has a Great Dane named Luna.

Tom DeLonge

Tom DeLonge Pets


December 13, 1975 (48)

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Tom DeLonge is an American musician, singer, songwriter, author, and filmmaker, best known for his work as the lead vocalist and guitarist of the rock band Blink-182. His unmistakable singing style and unique guitar work were pivotal elements that solidified the band’s position in the punk-pop genre. Beyond his contributions to Blink-182, DeLonge also co-founded the space rock band Angels & Airwaves, which became a platform for him to experiment with his music, expressing his ideas and emotions on a broader scale.

The advent of Angels & Airwaves saw DeLonge taking a distinctive path, diverging from the punk-pop sound that catapulted him to fame with Blink-182. The band released several successful albums such as “We Don’t Need to Whisper” and “I-Empire”, with both albums peaking in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 chart. DeLonge also ventured into the film industry, writing, directing, and scoring the short film “Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker”, which bagged the award for Best Animation in the Short Film category at the 2014 Toronto International Short Film Festival.

In his career, DeLonge collaborated with numerous artists and personalities, enriching his creative output. Collaborations spanned across various domains from music to literature and film. These include musicians such as Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker of Blink-182, Ilan Rubin of Angels & Airwaves, and Ryan Sinn, formerly of The Distillers. In the literary world, he worked with authors Suzanne Young and A.J. Hartley on different book series. He also engaged with film director Peter McAlevey and film producer Stan Spry during the making of “Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker”.

DeLonge’s contributions to music and the film industry have been recognized with several awards. With Blink-182, he won the Best Group Video award for “All the Small Things” at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards. His directorial debut with “Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker” was also recognized with an award at the 2014 Toronto International Short Film Festival.

Outside his artistic pursuits, DeLonge has shown a profound interest in the welfare of animals. He has been involved in animal rights campaigns, expressing his support for these causes on various platforms. DeLonge has also been noted for his personal involvement with animal rescue organizations, often sharing stories about his own rescue pets. This advocacy demonstrates his commitment to animal welfare, adding another layer to his multi-faceted personality and career.