The Top 10 Bunny Influencers on Instagram

To celebrate Easter, we filled a basket full with some of the most popular bunny rabbit influencers on Instagram for you to enjoy!

The Top 10 Bunny Influencers on Instagram

Reesy – @bunnydayoff

Reesy is a Netherland Dwarf rabbit and one popular puffball on Instagram, with over 700,000 followers! You’ll find him looking stylish alongside his fashion influencer mom, @isabella.ewens.

Rescued House Bunny Gang – @bunnymama

@bunnymama has a gang of rescued house bunnies named Eddy Rambo, Moo, Yam, Bowie, Taffy, and Tato (aka Worried Potato). While the human baby is caged, all the fur babies are free to roam!

Miffy and Mikka –

Miffy and Mikka of are not only jet-setting furfluencers… They’re also actors!

They’re also actors!

Lennon – @lennonthebunny

Lennon the Bunny shares her daily antics with her influencer mom, Lorelei Carlson.

And Lennon is also an inventor and entrepreneur! She invented the world’s first covered litter box and feeder for rabbits. So we can expect to see her pitching to investors on Rabbit’s Den any day now!

Sky and Grace – @stayathomebun

@stayathomebun shares the life of lovely bunny couple Sky and Grace. And they don’t shy away from any aspects of their lives, from fun adventures and relaxing at home to a day at work.

Bao Bao – @baothelop

Bao Bao is a Holland Lop rabbit that hails from Toronto, Canada.

Bao Bao would also like to remind all the bunny lovers out there that while they’re next-level cute, they’re a serious commitment!

Cinnabun – @sincerelycinnabun

Cinnabun is sincerely the cutest bridesmaid we’ve ever seen!

Pippa, Pan, and Yuna – @baluandpippa

@balueandpippa consists of four bunnies named Pippa, Pan, and Yuna. If you’re wondering about their IG handle, Balu sadly passed away in June 2021. But his three fuzzy roommates keep his tradition of looking extremely adorable alive!

Tiny Tater Tot – @tinytater.tot

Tiny Tator Tot, aka the Real House Bunny of the Central Coast, is a cute lil’ Mini Lop rabbit. To celebrate spring’s arrival, Tot gave a shoutout to bunny and guinea pig rescue @bunssb.

Minuit –

Last but not least is Minuit! Minuit is a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit with a French name that means “midnight” and is pronounced ‘min-we’. Minuit is an accomplished artist who clearly dresses the part.

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