If you’re looking for a new social media pet to follow, look no further than the bunnies of social media! These furry friends are photogenic and lovable, and they’ll give you a good laugh every day. So hop on over to your closest social media channel and follow some of these cuties today!


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The Top 10 Bunny Influencers on Instagram

To celebrate Easter, we filled a basket full with some of the most popular bunny rabbit influencers on Instagram for you to enjoy!

2023 MTV VMA Winners: Meet Their Celebrity Pets!

We take a tour of the proud pets of the 2023 MTV VMA winners - Including Taylor Swift, Shakira, Nicki Minaj, Lana Del Rey, Blackpink, and more!

Coconut & Lucky are a Couple Long Haired Bunnies Living Their Best Life

Coconut & Lucky are a couple of the cutest bunnies on the internet! The long-haired twosome are living their best fluffin’ life and it shows. What could be better than lways hanging out in the sun with some fresh greens.

Chicken Fashion: Diapers, Saddles, & Tutu’s for Poultry by Pampered Poultry

Chicken diapers are a thing. And, chicken enthusiasts love them. Julie Baker, the owner of Pampered Poultry @pamperedpoultry, was just as surprised as you when she discovered the high demand for her custom-made chicken diapers.

Bunny Mistaken for Bomb In Airport – Causes Havoc

Rule number one in an airport: Don’t leave your bags unattended. Especially if they contain an adorable bunny. Australia’s Adelaide Airport had a security scare when someone left a pink Lorna Jane bag unattended in the women’s toilets.

PuiPui The Bunny – Your day just got better thanks to this Tokyo cosplaying bunny

PuiPui The Bunny @puipui_the_bunny lives in Tokyo and thanks to his human who hand makes all his outfits, he also lives very stylishly. Not much to say we can say about him, other than the more you scroll down this post the better your day will get.

Animal lovers celebrate California passing rescue animal law

A huge win for animal lovers, California passed a law prohibiting pet stores from selling animals obtained from anywhere but shelters and rescue centers. It’s the first statewide ban of its kind in the country and will go into effect in 2019. Governor Jerry Brown last Friday signed the law bill A.B. 485, which will force pet stores to obtain dogs, cats, and rabbits from shelters and rescue groups.

Suki and Otis are the cutest bunnies you will ever see

There’s a couple of long-haired angora rabbits on Instagram that look like stuffed animals come to life. The bunnies are literally the cutest living beings on this planet, next to Boo the Pomeranian (of course) and possibly Norbert the mini therapy pup. The bunnies have the most adorable fluffy hair which their mom, Molly, grooms into a poodle-esque fashion.

Hero Accountant Runs a Pet and Dog Retirement Home for “Unadoptables”

Steve Greigs, an accountant in Colorado, has made it his life’s mission to adopt the unadoptable. Greigs has ten senior dogs, a potbelly pig named Bikini, a couple of cats, two ducks, a rabbit and a chicken named Oprah. Oh, and Jim the Pigeon.

2017 Academy Award Nominees. The Oscar for “Best Pet” goes to…

With the 2017 Academy Awards coming up, people are already betting on who’s going to win the big awards for Best Actor/Actress and Best Supporting Actor/Actress. But here at Celebrity Pet Worth, we’re wondering which of the nominees’ pets would win the Oscar for Best Pet? Natalie Portman – Best Actress for Jackie Whiz – Yorkshire Terrier Portman’s beloved Whiz is a strong contender for the Pet of the Year Oscar.