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Suki and Otis are the cutest bunnies you will ever see

There’s a couple of long-haired angora rabbits on Instagram that look like stuffed animals come to life. The bunnies are literally the cutest living beings on this planet, next to Boo the Pomeranian (of course) and possibly Norbert the mini therapy pup.

The bunnies have the most adorable fluffy hair which their mom, Molly, grooms into a poodle-esque fashion.

Hello everyone! I'm sorry it's been such a long time since I've posted! I was very busy with work and now I'm in the process of moving! I've had no time to take photos, so here is one of Otis on the day after I brought him home. I couldn't help but plop him in the fern plant for just a second. 🙈 Otis and Suki are doing very well and they both say, "Hello!" We hope to take some new photos once we move – we're right across from a fenced-in playground! 🤗 Packing up has come with lots of reminders of Wally. Going through my closet, I came across all of his photo props and his fish costume for Suki's arrival story and a hanger of all his little capes and his therapy bunny certification badge. It hurt my heart. But it also made me smile because who would ever imagine they'd have five handmade bunny capes hanging in their closet next to a coconut wearing a headband? (Remember the Nutsies story? 😆) I love and miss you very much, my Wally. 🍉

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They love eating apples and bananas, and flopping around on their bellies. Otis is the younger of the two, and like any self-respecting younger brother he likes to annoy his older sister – there have been reported incidences of him peeing on Suki’s head.

The IG account initially started out as just Wally, the original long haired angora rabbit. Sadly, Wally passed away in March 2017. Molly got Otis shortly afterwards so that Suki wouldn’t be so lonely without her best bunny pal. Wally co-wrote a book with Molly before he passed away though, so his memory lives on in between the pages of Wally: The Life of a Punny Bunny.

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Saturday night out, bunny-style.

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