Kobe the Hero Husky Saved Christmas by Detecting an Explosive Gas Leak

Kobe Alexander is a husky known for being one cool dude. But after saving Christmas, he can add “hero” to his canine credentials!

This heroic husky isn’t known to cause trouble and leaves digging up holes in the backyard for less chill dogs. He normally just maintains a good vibe (often while rocking one of his many pairs of shades.)

Then the week before Christmas, Kobe started digging a hole in her human, Chanell Bell’s, front yard. Chanell caught him in the act on her Ring camera and thought WTF. She noticed him digging in the same spot again, so she thought he was onto something. Due to having some issues with her heater, Chanell had previously bought a gas detector. So she pulled it out and tested the now pretty deep hole – And got a gas leak warning.

kobe Alexander Husky digging hole to find gas leak
Credit: @kobealexanderthehusky/Instagram

Chanell then called the city to inspect the situation. It took three full days to fix the issues, which included several other important gas line repairs they discovered. After, the city told Chanell that if her leak and her neihgbor’s leaks weren’t found, something as minor as a light switch could have caused a house-destroying gas explosion! So that’s the story of how Kobe saved Christmas and his entire block! (Watch the video below for the full story)

And since becoming a local hero, there’s already rumors Kobe is thinking of entering politics!

On top of his promising political career, Kobe is an author! Check out The Dog That Saved The Block Before Christmas on Amazon. So make sure to follow him at @kobealexanderthehusky on Instagram and Facebook.

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