This UPS Guy Went Viral for Collecting Adorable Photos With Neighborhood Dogs He Meets

Jason Hardesty works as a UPS delivery driver in New Orleans. While we’re sure he does a fine job at that, he’s incredibly great at being photogenic while he poses with his canine neighbors.

Jason hardesty UPS delivery driver who went viral for his dog selfies
Credit: @jhardesty/Instagram

A few years ago, Hardesty started a new delivery route in New Orleans – And he noticed an abundance of doggos along the way.

Then one day he took a selfie with a pup he met and posted it on his Instagram. He was surprised to see 100 likes on it, along with comments from friends and strangers that they’d love to see more. He started his own hashtag, #pupsofjay, and has since stacked almost 150k followers.

He, understandably, can’t get enough puppy pics.

He also appreciates all the adopted pups he meets along the way and helps by promoting their rescue centers, such as Big Easy Animal Rescue.

Jay has love for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds.

He also includes the occasional cat. But this kitty looks like they’d rather skip a photo op with a dog.

He’s also branched out with furry friends who aren’t dogs or cats.

He’s amassed a solid collection of English and French bulldogs on his account.

For more, you’ll have to give him a follow on Instagram at @jhardesty.

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