Fawkes the Cat’s Custom Cosplay Makes Him the Ultimate Feline Fanboy (@cat_cosplay)

Fawkes is a cosplaying cat that nails every costume he puts on – Including characters from movies, TV shows, video games, comics, and more. But like Batman and Alfred, Fawkes needs his human Freya. From their hideout in Seattle, Freya designs and handmakes each of Fawkes’ custom costumes.

Fawkes told The Seattle Times that he was inspired to make get his kitty into cosplay as making cat-sized costumes was way easier and cheaper than for an adult human.

Fawkes cosplaying as Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds)

Fawkes cosplaying as John Constantine (Keanu Reeves)

Bob Ross is one of Fawkes’ favorites to cosplay as.

Of course, Fawkes goes hard every Halloween.

You can bet he’s a big Stranger Things fan.

And in July he showed off his Geralt (Henry Cavill) from The Witcher cosplay.

For another cosplaying champ, check out Rory, the Henry Cavill-obsessed French Bulldog who got to meet him at The Witcher premiere!

You can follow Fawkes on Instagram at @cat_cosplay and on Facebook at @CatCosplayInc.

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